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NJ modular homes


Building a house can be stressful for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be. Modular homes make it easier and more efficient ... not to mention the cost savings!


Build Any Blueprint Off-Site
Deliver and Set on Your New Jersey Property

a modular home being installed in NJPractically ANY residential architectural style can be built as a modular home. Most blueprints can be customized for a modular home build. The Garden State boasts a big variety of residential architectures suitable for urban, sub-urban, farming, coastal, and mountain areas.

Popular styles such as waterfront, beach front, bungalows, ranches, craftsman, Cape Code, Colonial, Victorian, modern, Mediterranean influences and more.

Both single family homes and multi-family homes can be built off-site. Any style built in the factory will meet all of the State of New Jersey building codes and the local town building codes.

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ANY Home Architectural Style or Traditional New Jersey Residential Styles can be Built at the Factory

First, select the style home you want, we have plenty of floor plans to choose from. Or you can purchase a blue print and we'll convert it to a modularized blue print. Once we have the selected floor plans you home will be built in a factory promptly. Customizations include features such as the use of "green" and energy efficient materials and appliances. Save money now and in the future.

Toms River Modular Home Set in 8 Hours

modular home in Toms River NJ set in 8 hours completed modular home by NJ homeowner

This modular home was customized in the factory. It took eight hours for the Factory Direct Modular Home team to set the home on the property.

Accelerate the building process with a modular home built off-site
Modular homes built to New Jersey State building codes and local codes

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