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SAVE more by ordering Direct from the Factory!

It’s no secret but you may have overlooked it:

Save more by ordering a beautiful home direct from the Factory! Here at FDMH the process we have in place provides a few vitally valuable factors to would-be home owners in the State of Maryland.

  1. Your home is built to perfection in a controlled environment.
  2. Your home is efficient.
  3. Flexibility in home design.
  4. Customizations.
  5. Green friendly energy efficient materials and appliances.
  6. Our process really does simplify home buying.
  7. You really can have it all.

Maryland modular home direct from the factoryBuilding a home in Maryland can be demanding, but we offer the solution.

If you’re planning new residential construction in the State of Maryland, the process of planning and building a house can be demanding. Just the time you have to make to meet with contractors and other services can be overwhelming. And often one worker doesn’t know what the other is doing. If one contractor doesn’t show up, those related to what he is doing have no choice but wait. Delays. Delays. Delays. Delays cost money and add more stress to your life.

We can provide the right home design to match the most popular home styles in Maryland:

Home Styles found in the Maryland real estate market range from the popular to the very unusual.  Home buyers from all over the country have built homes in this area and the architecture reflects the variety of styles imported from other geographic areas.

  • Split Level - May be constructed with 3-6 levels with entrance on living room level, bedrooms on upper level and recreation areas on lower levels.
  • Cape Cod - Distinctive front sloped roof, often with dormers.  Bedrooms on both levels.  With or without basements. 
  • Victorian - Homes with porches, gables, turrets, decorative features.  May be historic or replicas.  
  • Colonial – The classic center hall never out of style
  • Contemporary - Open spaces, natural wood and stone features and construction, multi-level homes similar to homes found in Western United States.  Popularized during the mid 20th Century. 
  • The Tudor - Distinctive wood trim in exterior and interior design features.  

With FDMH One call does it all.

When you chose Modular Homes Factory Direct, aka FDMH, we take all that stress and uncertainly away. You get to actually enjoy the process of building a home in Maryland. As one of the original thirteen colonies, today the State of Maryland has one of the highest median household incomes. Its economy is highly diversified spanning manufacturing, services and biotechnology and we can place you there in a home you’ll love.

You should consider a modular home construction, especially when weather conditions can play havoc with your schedule and with the deterioration of materials left outside unprotected. Any style home can be built and it will meet all of the State of Maryland building codes and the local town building codes. It can save you both time and money!

Any home architectural style or traditional Maryland residential style can be built in the factory controlled environment.

When you consider it, not many things are really built outside in the open, subject to weather and delays. Your home shouldn’t be any different. Your modular home is constructed in a controlled, closed environment. Attention to detail and home owner satisfaction are the keys. Whether it’s a urban, suburban, ranch, or two story homes - they can all be constructed in the modular home factory. A popular style of housing in Maryland is the ranch house, a single story home in an “L” shape.

A Practical and Stress-Free way to get started. It’s simple really:

We offer over 25 years of experience and can help you build the home you want in the State of Maryland, while saving you time and significant money.

Consider these benefits and compare to on-site construction: You’ll see that there’s really no comparison.

  1. Select the style home you want. We have plenty of floor plans ready to go or you can purchase a blue print and we’ll build it.
  2. Your home will be built in our factory in a totally controlled environment. Your home is not exposed to weather while being built.
  3. Keeps typical home-building costs and delays under control.
  4. Build any blueprint off-site and it’s delivered to your property. Stress-free!

Accelerate the building process with a modular home built off-site. Modular homes built to the State of Maryland building codes and local codes.

If you want a beautiful that’s built to high standards and offers true affordability then
SAVE By Ordering Your Modular Home Directly from the Factory!
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