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Delaware is a wonderful place to build a home. Factory Direct Modular Homes provides Delaware home buyers with two amazing values: high quality beauty and economically structured pricing. As a leading modular home designer and builder in Delaware, we offer a range of home designs as well as the ability to develop any architectural style you’d like. Build a modular home design that’s uniquely yours by a builder that is community focused and understands all the building codes required to build in Delaware.

Any traditional Delaware residential home style,
ANY architectural style, can be built at the factory.

Whether you are building inland for suburban/urban living or in the coveted coastal resort areas of southwestern Delaware with their gorgeous natural scenery, protected parks and clean beaches - your dream home can be built in our modular home factory. Any style home can be built. Take a quick look at some popular Delaware home styles:

Building a modular home in Delaware  - direct from the factory
  • The most popular modular home style in Delaware is the Cape Cod home.
  • Two-Story homes however, are becoming more and more common the closer you get to Wilmington, Glasgow, and Dover.
  • Coastal beach homes and bungalows are available. With so much of Delaware on or near the shoreline, beach homes are a common site and the structural integrity and reliability of modular construction is something you can count on.
  • Another popular style of housing in Delaware is the ranch house. The single story home in an “L” shape is coveted by retirees.
  • Urban... suburban all styles can be built in the modular home factory and are great for houses both near and far from the water.


Building a home in Delaware can be demanding, but we have the solution

A modular home is simply a logical way to build. Think about it, cars and planes are not built out in the open, subject to weather and delays. They are constructed in a controlled, closed environment. Constructing your home shouldn’t be any different. Since it’s not all sunshine and warm weather, you will see the immediate benefits when you have your home built indoors. The construction times are considerably reduced due to building in a factory controlled environment.

The process of planning and building a house can be demanding. In addition to the weather, other factors that can impact your construction is traffic, theft, inspections, and tourism. All of which are out of your control and a traditional stick-builders' control. However the modular home building process is streamlined with efficiencies including the ability to meet all of the State of Delaware building codes and the local town building codes.

Building with a modular home can save you both time and money! And you’ll save even more by ordering "direct" from our factory!

A Practical and Stress-Free way to Build

  1. Select the style home you want. We have plenty of floor plans ready to go or you can purchase a blue print and we’ll build it.
  2. Once we have the selected floor plans your home will be built in our factory in a totally controlled environment. Your home is not exposed to weather while being built.
  3. This helps keep typical home-building costs and delays under control.
  4. Customizations can include the use of “green” and energy efficient materials and appliances.
  5. Deliver and Set on Your Delaware Property.

We offer over 25 years of experience and can help you build the home you want while saving you time and significant money. Whether it’s an oceanfront vacation home or a larger, full-time one, a modular home construction is the way to go.

Accelerate your home construction by building off-site.

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