Virginia Modular Homes

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Virginia modular home

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Virginia is a larger state with a big variety of homes. These styles include urban, sub-urban, ranch, two story homes, modern, colonial, chalets, and even log cabin styles. They can all be built in the modular home factory.

Having your home built off-site, in the factory, as a modular home, can accelerate residential construction in Virginia. Any style home can be built and it will meet all of the State of Virginia building codes and the local town building codes.

ANY Home Architectural Style or Traditional Virginia Residential Styles can be Built at the Factory

Large, small, ranch, or two story homes - they can all be built in the modular home factory. We offer plans for Colonial, Cape Cod, Modern, rustic log cabin and more. You can choose from one of our ready-to-go floor plans and have it customized to your lifestyle, or we can build any custom home blue print. Once we have the selected floor plans you home will be built in a factory.

Designing a modular home can save you money in another way. Customizations can include the use of "green" and energy efficient materials and appliances. More energy efficient means more savings for you.

Accelerate the building process with a modular home built off-site
Modular homes built to Virginia State building codes and local codes

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