Connecticut Modular Homes

Connecticut modular homes direct from the factory

Most home designs can be built in our modular home factory to Connecticut State building codes and local codes!

Modular home building -
The perfect building solution for any home in CT

If you’re thinking of building a house, you’re probably expecting it to be a stressful and expensive process. But there is a practical and efficient solution. If you’re planning new construction in Connecticut you should consider a modular home to save both time and money. We can provide any style home that will meet all of the State of Connecticut and the local town building codes.

ANY Home Architectural Style or Traditional Connecticut Residential Style can be constructed in the controlled environment of our factory.

  • Any Blueprint can be Built Off-Site
  • Delivered and Set on Your Connecticut Property

Connecticut homes build in a modular home factory   Setting a modular home in Connecticut modular   Assembling your modular homes on your CT property

A Stress-Free Solution

  1. Select the style home you want. We have plenty of floor plans ready to go or you can purchase a blue print and we’ll build it.
  2. Once we have the selected floor plans your home will be built in our factory in a totally controlled environment. Your home is not exposed to weather while being built.
  3. This helps keep typical home-building costs and delays under control.
  4. Customizations can include the use of “green” and energy efficient materials and appliances.

Connecticut Home Designs are no Problem

Big colonials and ranch houses are especially popular styles in Connecticut.

Colonials - Big colonials and ranch houses are especially popular styles. Colonials are typically larger, spacious homes with a front porch to add charm and a place to relax.

Ranch Style - Ranch style homes are usually single-story in an “L” shape.

These two styles are very different, but modular homes can be created from practically any architectural plans!

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We have over 25 years of experience

Our company was launched to be the only true factory direct sales company available that enables the homeowner to purchase their Modular homes directly from the manufacturer. You enjoy savings of thousands only available through Modular Homes Factory Direct.

You save significantly

Before you buy or build a home in Connecticut, it only takes a few moments to learn how to save stress and substantially thousands of dollars through the factory. Cars and planes are not built out in the open, subject to weather and delays. Your home shouldn’t be any different. Building a home can be stressful, but with Factory Direct Modular Homes it doesn’t have to be. Accelerate the building process with a modular home built off-site.

SAVE NOW by Ordering Your Modular Home DIRECT from the Factory! Build the Modular Home Factory Direct Way and SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TODAY!!!

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We Deliver Modular Homes Factory Direct to these States

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, and West Virginia