Modular Homes Factory Direct Seminars

Hundreds of Modular Homes Factory Direct home-buyers have attended our modular home seminars and saved thousands when they build their dream home factory direct and enjoying saving's of 25%-30% using or self "PAPER GC PROGRAM"  as compared to builder completed prices .

Local Modular Homes Factory Direct seminars are scheduled throughout the year. Each seminar runs for a couple of hours and is packed with information such as:

  • Ordering Procedures; get acquainted with a Modular Homes Factory Direct Invoice.
  • Floor Plan Procedures; takes you through the process from preliminary plans to certified plans.
  • Site Prepping Procedures; explains the steps you need to take so you are prepared for delivery of your factory direct modular home.
  • The Finishing Process; explains the site work to be done after the delivery and erection of your factory direct modular home, reviewing site cost breakdown which will be used to budget your entire project, and most important, our detailed critical construction path that will make your factory direct journey a pleasant and successful one.

Learn about financing for land and construction costs. Advisors Mortgage Group, the experts in modular financing, has offered qualified modular home buyers financing for as low as 3.5% down .Financing also available for the secondary home market either Vacation or Investment homes.

Experienced modular home mortgage brokers are always in attendance to explain land acquisition financing and 100% construction financing that is available to qualified home-buyers.

Information about our Referral Network of Licensed Contractors is available at most seminars.

Past and present Modular Home Factory Direct home-buyers are usually in attendance at seminars and share their exciting experience of building their home with a modular home direct from the factory and saving thousands.

"Build Today the Factory Direct Way".
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We Deliver Modular Homes Factory Direct to these States

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, and West Virginia